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vintage door hall trees

by eBroussard

So it always confuses me when we have a Monday holiday. According to some, yesterday was Muesday…the blending of Monday and Tuesday that screws up the rest of your week! Regardless of the confusion, I am glad we take some time to remember the sacrifice that so many men, women and their families have made to provide and maintain our freedom.

Over the long weekend I decided what I would post on Tuesday…I mean Wednesday. Anyway, let’s take a look at some doors that have been upcycled into some pretty cool hall trees.


this one is actually in the foyer of our home…

this cute little pink one is for sale at ReSource Warehouse

this is a wonderfully chippy black and white also for sale at ReSource Warehouse

When I am lucky enough to find some killer doors like these…I can’t help but to try and make them a cool centerpiece for someones home. Which is your favorite?


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  • Carolyn

    Yours is my favorite!

    • http://www.ebroussard.com/ ebroussard

      thanks…and thanks for dropping by. 

  • Craig & Aileen Hamilton

    On the first picture how was the mirror attached to the door? Did you cut the mirror to size and if so how? Is it glued on with liquid nails? Is it attached with clips?

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